A Website on Art and Engineering
by David Koebel

This website is a personal one, as it supplies you both with ideas of the author and with information about him. In order to give you a more definite idea about its contents: Amoung other things I am interested in mechanical engineering, art and industrial design.

Raymond Loewy's 'Studebaker Avanti' In my Automotive Design Gallery I will show you a collection of contemporary automotive design examples.
Philippe Fix's 'Le Merveilleux Chef-d'Oeuvre de Séraphin' On several occasions I have remarked that some of my ideas were afterwards expressed by other people as well. Which means that I need to be more industrious to become a real inventor.
'In Hof an der Saale', Photography by Norbert Fischer Throughout my whole life I have been a passionate amateur photographer. Would you like to see my photographic calendar?
Vincent van Gogh 'Self-Portrait in Front of the Easel' 1888 (oil on canvas, detail) I'd be pleased if you would appreciate some of my artwork.
Jacquelin's Hands Did you ever realise that the hands of a person are nearly as expressive as his face? I dedicated a gallery of photographs to the hands of people I know or care for.
'Mr. Perfect' by Roger Hargreaves If you are interested in who I am, you are invited to read my curriculum.
Eberhard Koebel: 'Bussard' (wood engraving) More renowned (and more weird) than myself was my grandfather Eberhard Koebel, of whom there was an article published in the German newspaper "Die Zeit" in 1997 (I'm sorry I haven't had time to translate it into English).
Alfons Holtgreve: 'Motorrad fahren' I have always been enthusiastic about motorcycles, their visible technology and the rebellion and freedom that are associated with them. If you share this interest, please read the story of me and my motorbikes.

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